About Us

Accelerating events around the world, including global unrest, economic uncertainty and inequality, and cyber crime, are having a profound impact on how high net worth individuals and organizations think about safety and security.

As a result, having a better understanding of possible threats and vulnerabilities is rapidly becoming a top priority for those concerned with safeguarding resources, assets, brands, identities, and reputations.


Trusted, Experienced Leadership

The TorchStone executive security team offers subject matter expertise, knowledge, and capabilities with an international perspective. Our management team, advisory board, and proprietary network around the world include some of the most respected risk aversion professionals in the industry.

High Value Client Community

TorchStone's diversified clients include high net worth individuals and families, CEO's, private banks, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital firms, international law firms, wealth managers, private family companies, chief security officers, diplomats, politicians, closely held international companies, Fortune 500 companies, universities and foundations.

Unique, Innovative and Fully Funded

TorchStone Is Unique – our focus is to serve the world’s wealthiest organizations and individuals. This concentration allows us an unfettered ability to advise “high value” clients ranging from prominent individuals, families to select organizations.

TorchStone Is Innovative – in an environment where threats are rapidly evolving, we utilize proprietary products, technology and constantly seek more effective protocols and sophisticated tools to lead the industry in advanced safeguard techniques.

TorchStone Is Fully Funded – and bonded to the highest levels of coverage. TorchStone is a financially sound entity, ensuring sustainability and commitment to our markets and stakeholders.

The TorchStone Advantage – In addition to advising on strategic security matters, TorchStone endeavors to provide clients with an intangible, but very real, advantage: The value of a close relationship with a credentialed and influential team of advisors possessing global resources and equipped with access and information. Clients use this utility to differentiate themselves, to do more business and to attract more capital.

TorchStone Value

We provide strategic security advice and consulting to protect against risk before “something bad” happens. We believe taking the time to gain a deeper understanding of our clients enables us to holistically approach their needs and design programs that protect over the long term. These efforts allow us to be a more effective identifier of relevant and possible threats, reduce vulnerability and help avoid the high cost of adverse events.

The result of an investment in TorchStone is a sustained and predictable resource which endures over time. For each relationship and assignment our goal is to attain maximum client satisfaction and deliver peace of mind.

Globally Connected

TorchStone is headquartered in New York, NY, with offices in Annapolis, MD, Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA. Risk is worldwide, thus our capabilities extend far beyond local or national boundaries. Our highly vetted and well-trusted proprietary network of security professionals operate around the world. This allows TorchStone to engage in nearly all assignment types in almost every environment on behalf of our clients.

Confidentiality, Trust, and Discretion

These values are critical to each and every client relationship – and extend across our entire network of advisors, vendors and resources. TorchStone strives to ensure that every engagement results in an exceptional client experience and the highest quality product or service. Teamwork and communication are vital and we demand loyalty and commitment from our employees and partners. Finally, TorchStone has been built on a foundation of honesty and integrity which guides us as we manage our business.