While a Code of Ethics cannot cover every possible situation, we hope that this document will both serve as a guide for our employees and associates, as well as help potential clients and partners better understand who we are at TorchStone. By openly publishing this Code—directly on our website for all to see—we affirm our commitment to build and maintain trust with employees, clients, and partners, and we seek to be a steward of the security industry.


Why Do We Have a Code?

What makes TorchStone uniquely positioned to provide bespoke security services to the most high-profile companies and individuals in the world? One may think that it is our cumulative experience and the quality of our products and services. While that is part of the equation, it goes much beyond that. It is not only WHAT services we deliver but HOW we deliver those services, which is based on our culture, integrity, and the character of the people with whom we choose to work and associate. We recognize the privilege of working in the risk mitigation and security industry, and we do not take it lightly. We owe it to our clients, and to the greater public, to continually reflect on our values, to conduct ourselves accordingly, and to continuously strive to improve.


Above All, Do No Harm

We endeavor to do no harm, and we actively work to do good. That statement might seem trite to some, but to those associated with TorchStone, we mean it sincerely. We try hard to form relationships of trust with the people with whom we work. We do all we can to develop and maintain that trust, to uphold professional standards, and to take full responsibility for our actions.


Gut Check

We refuse engagements or recuse ourselves from situations that do not pass these simple gut check questions: 1) Is this going to cause harm to someone or something? 2) Is this activity lawful? 3) Would I be comfortable if this work was made public? We expect and demand that employees and associates will consult with TorchStone leadership immediately if something seems amiss with any relationship or project.


We Honor the Dignity and Worth of All People

We deeply believe in the dignity and worth of all people. We treat others with respect, and we do not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind. TorchStone will NOT assist in any investigation or provide any services (paid or pro bono) that may have been requested with the intent to kill, injure, suppress, stalk, or harass an individual or group. TorchStone will NOT conduct any operations or provide any services that violate others’ rights or any fundamental freedoms. TorchStone will NOT use deception, coercion, or threats to obtain information or provide services. This reinforces that above all, we at TorchStone strive to do no harm.


We Follow Laws and Regulations, and Foster Ethical Relationships

We respect the laws and regulations wherever we do business around the world. TorchStone assesses and mitigates the risk of potential physical, cyber, and reputational threats through lawful open source information collection, principled executive protection, and sound security consulting. We do not take on any work that may infringe upon another person’s or group’s fundamental rights. We are honest and transparent in our discussions with employees, partners, and clients about what we can and cannot do. We build positive relationships free from corruption, bribes, kickbacks, or any other unethical activity. If potential conflicts of interest arise, financial or otherwise, we immediately consult with all parties involved, both internal and external, to transparently discuss the situation and to identify, together, the best way forward.


We Welcome Diversity

TorchStone is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer for all qualified candidates. We welcome and support people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We do not discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin, gender (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, or other applicable legally protected characteristics.


We Play Nice in the Sandbox

We respect our competitors. While we are focused on growing our company, we want to do so in a way that reflects our values. We want to compete with our competitors fairly and honestly.


How Can We Be Better?

In order to improve, we need to know when we are falling short. TorchStone supports a culture of trust and encourages speaking-up when something is not right. We are all human. This means that not only are we fallible, but also, we have feelings. It does not feel good to tell someone when something is not working, nor does it feel good to receive that information. We recognize that speaking up in these situations takes courage, and listening takes humility. We value that courage and are committed to humbly listening to feedback (the good, the bad, and the ugly).


Reports of ethical concerns[1] or feedback for areas of improvement can be made to:


[1] TorchStone does not tolerate any form of individual or corporate retaliation against any person for 1) raising legitimate concerns about potential ethics violations in good faith; 2) refusing to do something that violates this Code of Ethics (even if that means loss of business for TorchStone); or 3) cooperating with federal, local, or other lawful investigations.