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Handling protection and logistics for hundreds of people at a Super Bowl or during the Olympic Games requires broad capability and sophistication.

However, TorchStone is equally adept at applying our analytic approach and tailored creativity to all client engagements, be they large or small. We work side-by-side with our clients to solve hard problems, to tackle complicated issues, and to establish security programs that best complement the goals of their respective businesses.

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Executive Protection and Event Security

Around the globe, our team has provided protection services and secure transportation for senior executives of multinational companies, high profile individuals, and wealthy families. We excel at this work because we do what it takes to exceed expectations. Our clients trust us to provide not only security, but also, logistics, medical contingency, and potential crisis management and evacuation. Moreover, clients know that beyond being safe with TorchStone, our facilitation services save travel time, and thus, increase productivity.

What Makes Corporate Security Different at TorchStone?


TorchStone is a leader in providing personal protection, professional advice, and security solutions. Our U.S./U.K. leadership team has a well-earned reputation in the security industry for honesty, professionalism, and discretion.


We possess a global perspective to effectively serve U.S. and international markets. We are currently operating on five continents.


As risks change, we proactively find new methods to address client concerns. We are intelligence-focused, always looking to the horizon for the next threat.


Our planning is well-informed, taking advantage of our deep ties to the U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service, the U.K. Diplomatic Protection Group, and the U.S. Cyber Intelligence communities.


Protective and Social Media Intelligence

73% of all internet users today use social networking sites, which result in 882 million new posts every day. Increased market share and competitive advantage await the multinational company that successfully sifts through the data to find information on customers, competitors, and challengers. Hashtag and keyword searches focusing primarily on the past dominate the conventional approach to social media data collection. What if there was a social media intelligence (SMI) tool focusing on the future? What if a company could turn thousands of posts per second into credible, actionable intelligence giving it a competitive advantage in a globalized world?

TorchStone Global, with its unique access and deep contacts in the U.S. cyber intelligence community, is pleased to offer its clients the use of a next generation SMI tool primarily used in politics, law enforcement, and anti-terrorism circles. The proprietary technology, built upon a foundation of algorithms and unparalleled automation, combines text and semantic analysis with advanced targeting approaches to take social media intelligence to the next level. It combines multiple dimensions to score influence, including relationship type/direction, prior knowledge about the subjects, and past activity of analysts/users. Instead of an end user building a link analysis one subject at-a-time, the technology analyzes hundreds of thousands of subjects automatically. The SMI tool focuses on who is saying what, in addition to where and why it is being said in order to quickly identify key influencers and serve as an early warning system.


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Due Diligence and Investigations

Through electronic and traditional sources of data, personal contacts and old-fashioned detective work, our experienced team knows how to study and assess people. There is an explosion of information available today, much of which can be searched using the right techniques, but it takes time and patience. We understand that a five minute conversation with the right person can be more enlightening than several hours of fruitless searching, so we work to find and connect with the right people in the first place.

We advise clients to exercise vigorous pre-employment screening of employees, assistants and household staff, as well as screening of repeat contract workers with access to their premises. Our background investigations look for discrepancies, reputational issues, patterns of litigation, undisclosed criminal records, exaggerated credentials, liens, bankruptcies, lawsuits, job turmoil, domestic disputes, and allegations of deception or fraud. We also look for any evidence of flaws or conflicts that may be undisclosed or that may require further digging.

TorchStone also regularly conducts investigations and analysis of security incidents, threats, and disturbing correspondence. When anyone exhibits signs of unusual, untoward, or extreme behavior, we will analyze the situation and assess the advisability of further investigation and increased security. Individuals who display an unusual or inappropriate interest in your family or your business will be investigated to determine if they possess the motive, intent, or the means to cause harm. We may also assist in keeping a record and preserving evidence of unsolicited, alarming, or otherwise inappropriate communications that might become helpful in future investigations.

We can also provide comprehensive investigative due diligence on prospective business partners. In our experience, between ten and fifteen percent of these investigations reveal some derogatory information. It’s not always serious enough information to be a deal-breaker, but it often raises potential issues that need to be examined more closely. Our investigative due diligence services include:


  • Pre-Transactional Due Diligence
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Investigations
  • Litigation Support
  • Asset Tracing
  • Executive-Level Investigations
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Consulting and Training Services

TorchStone’s goal is to provide our clients with the tools necessary to continue making sensible security-related decisions in an unpredictable, dynamic, and complex operating environment. TorchStone identifies, evaluates, and assesses the risks and challenges that our clients face on a daily basis around the world, as well as offer specific options for proactively addressing critical vulnerabilities and significant areas of concern.

TorchStone is well-qualified to undertake these assignments. The strength of TorchStone is derived from our team’s experience, reputation, and relationships within the global security community. Our senior leadership, during their government service, has protected Presidents of the United States, many other high ranking government officials, and foreign heads of state. In the private sector, we have a long history of complex assignments throughout the world, advising prominent business leaders, affluent families, and corporate security departments in planning sophisticated strategies for protecting their people and assets.

Our senior management team and advisory board include some of the most reputable professionals in our industry. Whether consulting with a high profile Forbes 50 family on a safety program or training a corporate security department on the newest trends in workplace violence/active shooter situations, TorchStone can help.

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  • “I trust TorchStone implicitly, and have great appreciation for the support they have provided my department since 2010.”

    Vice President of Corporate SecurityGlobal 300 Company
  • “TorchStone has done an outstanding job providing comprehensive risk assessments for our globally dispersed executive leadership team.”

    Head of Executive ProtectionFortune 50 Company
  • “TorchStone is a top tier security and logistics partner for SAP. We have given them high stakes, high visibility assignments with big expectations. We couldn’t be more thrilled with their professionalism and achievement of all our objectives. SAP will absolutely continue to engage TorchStone in the future.”

    Nick Tzitzon, Senior Vice PresidentSAP SE
  • “It was a pleasure working with TorchStone during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Their commitment to first class service and their embrace of cutting-edge technology ensured a safe experience for hundreds of VIPs and guests of a high-profile corporate sponsor in a challenging environment."

    Chris Hurst, Chief Operating OfficerStabilitas
  • “TorchStone is a leader in the corporate security field and proved to be an invaluable resource to the International Franchise Association during a time of intense stress. We are extremely appreciative of their professionalism and vast knowledge. The IFA will certainly engage TorchStone in the future for any security or risk assessment needs.”

    Robert Cresanti, President & CEOInternational Franchise Association
  • “The companies on the Entrepreneur 360 List exemplify growth, not just in top and bottom line, but in their ability to create a superior value for their customers, build adaptive learning cultures, and drive innovation in their marketplace.”

    Bill Shaw, PresidentEntrepreneur Media, Inc.