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At TorchStone, we believe that we approach risk, safety, and security in a uniquely enlightened way. Our process places a premium on the quality of our relationships, the satisfaction of our clients, and the pragmatism of our counsel. Every member of our team works hard each and every day to exceed expectations, and to deliver peace of mind in an increasingly unpredictable world. According to our clients, it is working. But don’t take our word for it, take theirs…

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“I want to thank you and the TorchStone team for everything you did to keep me, my family, and my staff safe on the campaign trail. Your team is truly outstanding and have been such a pleasure to work with.”

Kamala D. Harris
United States Senator
Kamala Harris For The People


“TorchStone is a top tier security and logistics partner for SAP. We have given them high stakes, high visibility assignments with big expectations. We couldn’t be more thrilled with their professionalism and achievement of all our objectives. SAP will absolutely continue to engage TorchStone in the future.”

Nick Tzitzon
Senior Vice President, Office of the CEO


“It was a pleasure working with TorchStone during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Their commitment to first class service and their embrace of cutting-edge technology ensured a safe experience for hundreds of VIPs and guests of a high-profile corporate sponsor in a challenging environment.”

Chris Hurst
Chief Operating Officer


“TorchStone is a leader in the corporate security field and proved to be an invaluable resource to the International Franchise Association during a time of intense stress. We are extremely appreciative of their professionalism and vast knowledge. The IFA will certainly engage TorchStone in the future for any security or risk assessment needs.”

Robert Cresanti
President & CEO
International Franchise Association


“Our high net worth clients tend to have complex needs and high expectations. We have confidently recommended TorchStone whenever security concerns are raised, and in every instance they’ve performed brilliantly. We appreciate having a partner who understands and pragmatically resolves the evolving vulnerabilities confronting our clients.”

Andrew Howard
President and CEO
Howard Insurance


“Mitigating threats, physical, cyber or otherwise, is currently a key focus of the private wealth sector. PAM recognizes TorchStone as the leading firm in the space. We are impressed by their team’s ability to provide a layer of protection around high-net-worth clients and family offices.”

Katherine Goh
Private Asset Management

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“We are very grateful to TorchStone for securing our home and property in the immediate aftermath of the devastating wildfires. Local authorities were stretched thin as they conducted evacuations and battled to contain fire lines, as a consequence looting was a real concern for us. Your immediate and professional response during that most stressful situation was incredible. Your team provided our family invaluable peace-of-mind in a time of great uncertainty.”

Napa, CA

“TorchStone immediately responded during a crisis involving a stalking threat to one of our partners, and provided creative solutions, deep resources, and superior support.”

General Counsel
Global Private Equity Firm

“TorchStone has done an outstanding job providing comprehensive risk assessments for our globally dispersed executive leadership team.”

Head of Executive Protection
Fortune 50 Company

“I trust TorchStone implicitly, and have great appreciation for the support they have provided my department since 2010.”

Vice President of Corporate Security
Global 300 Company

“TorchStone consistently provides superior information, analysis, and response, meeting all of our diverse needs.”

Advisor to the CEO
Global Technology Company

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Bill Shaw
Entrepreneur Media, Inc.