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TorchStone publishes The Watch to assist our readers in proactively managing risk—whether personal, professional, or organizational—in an increasingly insecure world. The featured articles, blog posts, and expert interviews address vulnerabilities and issues we have frequently encountered while safeguarding high profile individuals, wealthy families, multinational corporations, and international sporting events across six continents. Now, more than ever, security seems to be a precious commodity. Our goal is to give you more of it through The TorchStone Watch.


Virtual-Kidnapping - TorchStone Global

Kidnapping Part 4: Virtual Kidnapping

By TorchStone VP, Scott Stewart

The fourth in a series that focuses on kidnapping, abductions do not actually occur in a virtual kidnapping. Instead, the victim is the one who receives the ransom demand, as the most successful virtual kidnapping gangs have mastered the theatrics required to instill a deep sense of fear and shock. Virtual kidnappers take advantage of this panic to force a quick payout before the victim realizes that their loved one is indeed safe and sound.



Express Kidnapping TorchStone Global

Kidnapping Part 3: Express Kidnapping

The third in a series that focuses on kidnapping, express kidnappings do not follow the typical attack cycle. Carried out by small-time criminals, these kidnappings are based on opportunity and circumstances. However, they are no less dangerous. Situational awareness and avoiding ambush locations can save a person from becoming a victim of a crime where death remains a very real possibility.

Pelosi Home Invasion: Security Take-Aways - TorchStone Global

Pelosi Home Invasion: Security Take-Aways

Effective residential security planning utilizes a layered approach that begins on the outside and works in. When assessing a property, five rings of security should be designed in a manner that will discourage a criminal or intruder. But if the criminal is not deterred, the objective is to detect and then delay them until first responders can arrive. The Pelosi home invasion provides a case study to examine the layers of residential security, their effectiveness, and the improvements needed.

High Value Kidnapping for Ransom - TorchStone Global

Kidnapping Part 2: High-Value Kidnapping for Ransom

The second in a series that focuses on kidnapping, high-value kidnappings for ransom are complex crimes that are both high risk and high reward. Often led by professional criminals and specialized personnel, these kidnappings are rarely reported to authorities. However, success is dependent on key factors. Therefore, taking some preliminary precautions can make kidnapping avoidable.

Understanding-Kidnapping-Threats - TorchStone Global

Kidnapping Part 1: Understanding Kidnapping Threats

Kidnapping is a global phenomenon and one that has many motivations. In this first installment, I discuss the different types of kidnappings in general and how motivations and locations can affect risk. Subsequent pieces will delve into a specific type of kidnapping and focus on ways to prevent or mitigate them.



BBC Sounds: Burn Wild Podcast – The Line

There is a school of thought in activism—all movements need a radical flank to succeed. In the podcast, Burn Wild Episode 6: The Line, TorchStone VP Scott Stewart discusses the grievance narrative of Extinction Rebellion (XR).


How to Get on a Watchlist Episode 5: How to Kidnap an Executive

“How to get on a Watchlist” is a new podcast from the team at Encyclopedia Geopolitica. In this installment, How to Get on a Watchlist Episode 5: How to Kidnap an Executive, TorchStone VP Scott Stewart discusses executive kidnappings.


With drug cartel violence, is it safe to travel to Mexico? Security experts weigh in

US tourism is ramping up again in Mexico, but so are the headlines regarding drug cartel violence. TorchStone Vice President of Intelligence Scott Stewart joins the discussion about how safe it is to travel to Mexico.


Perspectives on the Shinzo Abe Assassination

Perspectives on the Shinzo Abe Assassination whitepaper from AT-RISK International, Emergent Risk International, Ontic and Torchstone Global analyzes the July 2022 assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and addresses the broad range of global security implications for individuals and businesses.


Gauging the Jihadist Movement 20 Years After 9/11

“While much attention has been paid of late to homegrown far-right and far-left extremists, jihadist terrorism has not disappeared—it merely evolved. So, as the world marks the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it behooves security professionals to take stock of the jihadist movement today, forecast where the movement is headed, and consider the implications of ongoing terrorist activity.”


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