Managing Risk in an Increasingly Complex World


TorchStone publishes The Watch to assist our readers in proactively managing risk—whether personal, professional, or organizational—in an increasingly insecure world. The featured articles, blog posts, and expert interviews address vulnerabilities and issues we have frequently encountered while safeguarding high profile individuals, wealthy families, multinational corporations, and international sporting events across six continents. Now, more than ever, security seems to be a precious commodity. Our goal is to give you more of it through The TorchStone Watch.


Preparing for the Next Crisis

By TorchStone VP, Scott Stewart

The COVID-19 crisis is unlike anything most of us have experienced in our professional lives. It is presenting an array of new security challenges as workplaces are shut down, tens of millions of workers have been laid off, and those still on the payroll are now mostly working from home. Companies are experiencing terrible financial losses due to the economic […]



Where the Attack Cycle Intersects the Pathway to Violence

I’ve written about how the concept of the attack cycle is a useful framework protective intelligence practitioners can use to understand, identify and detect behaviors associated with an intentional or targeted attack. I’ve also discussed how the demands of the attack cycle requires those planning an attack to conduct certain activities and the vulnerabilities to detection they leave themselves open […]


Exploiting Vulnerabilities in the Attack Cycle

In the piece TorchStone Global previously published on understanding the attack cycle, I noted that the most important reason for studying the attack cycle is that it is a useful tool for proactively preventing attacks. It does so by providing a framework to identify behaviors and activities associated with an attack as it is being planned, so that tell-tale signs […]


International Burn Down a 5G Tower Day

What is Happening: A group of internet activists have declared May 3, 2020 to be “International Burn Down a 5G Tower Day.” They have been using the hashtags such as #burn5G, #burn5Gtowers, #destroy5G, #destroy5Gtowers, #Disable5GTowers, #kill5G, #kill5Gtowers and #teardown5G. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have been working diligently to remove content, forcing it to migrate to other platforms such as Instagram, […]


The Importance of Understanding the Attack Cycle

In the piece I wrote on the need for, and functions of protective intelligence programs, I discussed how one of the foundational precepts in the way TorchStone approaches protective intelligence is by recognizing the reality that intentional attacks “don’t just happen.” They are the result of a discernable process that can be detected — and interrupted. This process is called […]



Wall Street Journal Interviews TorchStone Expert After YouTube Shooting

The Morning Risk Report, a column of the Journal’s Risk & Compliance section, reached out to TorchStone after the recent tragic YouTube campus event.


Mark Lex Joins TorchStone as Senior Vice President

Mark Lex, a distinguished security expert specializing in the corporate and tech industries, has joined TorchStone as Senior Vice President.


Introducing The TorchStone Watch: Intelligence for a Risky World

We are pleased to introduce The TorchStone Watch, a new addition to our digital presence, which exists to help our readers proactively manage risk…


When Your Wealth Puts You at Risk

The newer your wealth is, the less you may be aware that malicious individuals can view you as a profitable potential target. We have conducted countless risk…


TorchStone Global Awarded 2018 Best Security Solution by Private Asset Management

TorchStone Global was honored for the second year in a row as the best security provider by Private Asset Management (PAM) during their annual awards gala recently…


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