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In today’s world risk has been redefined and preparation is more critical than ever.

The activities we engage in and the places we meet are increasingly vulnerable to emerging threats. While protecting your home is still important, extending that proactive mindset to other aspects of your life can make all the difference. TorchStone can help.

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We understand the value of high quality and responsive service, the significance of being a trusted advisor, and the importance of identifying risks before problems arise.

Who benefits from our Family Services program?

Simply stated, anyone with lifestyle complexity. This complexity could stem from a high profile occupation,
multiple properties, a private staff, extensive collections, or diverse global assets.

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When should a wealthy family be thinking about their security?

  • Before hiring your new estate manager
  • Before your son opens a social media account
  • Before filing your taxes
  • Before buying into that fractional aircraft
  • Before traveling overseas
  • Before your daughter starts her study abroad program
  • Before hanging your new prized piece of art
  • Before installing your new security system
  • Before allowing the nanny to take your grandson to the park
  • Before you terminate your personal assistant
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What makes the TorchStone Family Services program different?

  • In addition to security expertise, our diverse team reflects family office, high net worth insurance, clinical psychology, fine art, and financial analytic experience
  • Pragmatic and cost-effective approach to risk mitigation
  • Dedicated, comprehensive risk practice for families of wealth
  • Nimble structure with direct client engagement by senior executives
  • Past and current experience with extremely high profile clientele
  • Strong U.S. domestic footprint with extensive global reach
  • Specialized expertise with single family offices, hedge funds, high profile individuals, and technology entrepreneurs
  • Seamless and collegial integration with the family’s employed security team (if present)
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Who trusts TorchStone with the safety of their family?


  • 2017 and 2018 Private Asset Management Award Winner for Best Security Solution
  • Preferred security provider to dozens of family offices, high net worth lifestyle consultants, financial advisory firms and trusts, and high net worth insurance brokers and underwriters
  • Our family clients range from emerging wealth to the Forbes 400
  • More than 8% of the Forbes 400 trust TorchStone with their safety
  • The majority of our Forbes 400 clients have been with us for 5+ years

Our Family Services Clients Include:

Private Equity Executives
Hedge Fund Managers
Technology CEOs
Manufacturing CEOs
Fashion & Apparel Founders
Financial Services Executives
Film and Media Executives
International Philanthropists
Foreign Diplomats
Single Family Offices
Multi-Family Offices
Venture Capital Executives

Our Core Services Include:

torchstone global core services

Home and Workplace Safety

  • Physical Risk Assessment
  • Collections Risk Assessment
  • Employee Screening
  • Estate Security Management
  • Family Office Security Protocols
  • Workplace Violence Training
  • Counter Surveillance Programs
  • Protective Driver Training

Travel Safety

  • Executive Protection
  • Secure Transportation
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • School Safety Assessment
  • Foreign Study Assessment
  • Travel Best Practices

Lifestyle Management

  • Background Checks
  • Investigations & Due Diligence
  • Threat Analysis/Stalker Profiling
  • IRS Security Surveys
  • Family Safety Education & Training

Identity and Reputational Management

  • Public Profile Assessment
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Charitable & Philanthropic Screening
  • Investment Due Diligence

Cyber and Technical Safety

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • IT Security Assessment
  • “Bug Sweeps”
  • Encrypted Communications
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Our Process Includes:


  • Establish a non-disclosure agreement as confidentiality and discretion are paramount to our clients
  • Introductory conversation with the client and/or referral source
  • Mutually agreed upon proposal with a scope of work and terms
  • Dedicated account manager assigned to each client to ensure quality and satisfaction, and to provide regular progress updates


  • On-site engagement with family and staff to proactively identify risk
  • Vulnerabilities requiring immediate action will be remedied at once
  • Tailored action plan detailing all risks identified, prioritized according to severity, with recommended practical mitigation steps
  • On-going assistance to the client to maintain, review, and update the risk mitigation program
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  • “TorchStone immediately responded during a crisis involving a stalking threat to one of our partners, and provided creative solutions, deep resources, and superior support.”

    General CounselGlobal Private Equity Firm
  • “TorchStone consistently provides superior information, analysis, and response, meeting all of our diverse needs."

    Advisor to the CEOGlobal Technology Company
  • “We are very grateful to TorchStone for securing our home and property in the immediate aftermath of the devastating wildfires. Local authorities were stretched thin as they conducted evacuations and battled to contain fire lines, as a consequence looting was a real concern for us. Your immediate and professional response during that most stressful situation was incredible. Your team provided our family invaluable peace-of-mind in a time of great uncertainty."

    Linda F., Napa California Homeowner
  • “Our high net worth clients tend to have complex needs and high expectations. We have confidently recommended TorchStone whenever security concerns are raised, and in every instance they’ve performed brilliantly. We appreciate having a partner who understands and pragmatically resolves the evolving vulnerabilities confronting our clients.”

    Andrew Howard, President and CEOHoward Insurance
  • “Mitigating threats, physical, cyber or otherwise, is currently a key focus of the private wealth sector. PAM recognizes TorchStone as the leading firm in the space. We are impressed by their team’s ability to provide a layer of protection around high-net-worth clients and family offices.”

    Katherine Goh, EditorPrivate Asset Management