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    Security: The Great Enabler of Organizational Strength

    Featuring TorchStone VP, Scott Stewart

    Scott Stewart, Vice President of Intelligence for TorchStone Global,  is a pioneer for protective intelligence and counter surveillance. The Great Conversation had the opportunity to meet at a protective intelligence summit hosted by Ontic and decided to compare notes on their learnings in this great conversation podcast.


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    Assessing threats to sports and entertainment venues with TorchStone Global

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    Featuring TorchStone VPs, Scott Stewart and Chris Sanchez

    Sky Sports’ Anton Toloui spoke with Scott Stewart, Vice President of Intelligence and Chris Sanchez, Vice President, both representing TorchStone Global, to assess the threats that face sports and entertainment venues around the globe.


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    Northeast cartel will survive capture, extradition of ‘The Egg,’ expert says

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    Featuring TorchStone VP, Scott Stewart

    EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) – The arrest and extradition of Juan Gerardo “El Huevo” Treviño Chavez is hardly the end of the powerful and ruthless Northeast drug cartel, a U.S. security expert says. The Associated Press on Tuesday reported the U.S.-born criminal nicknamed “The Egg” was flown to Tijuana and turned over to federal […]


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    The Economist: Latin America’s drug gangs have had a good pandemic

    Featuring TorchStone VP, Scott Stewart

    The event had all the trappings of a new-year celebration. Fireworks lit up the sky. Young men danced arm-in-arm, singing, waving flags and blasting music. Only it was not an end-of-year party, but an evening in July. The fireworks were accompanied by rounds of gunshots. And the revellers in Santiago, the capital of Chile, were mourning a young man with alleged ties to drug traffickers during what was supposed to be a national lockdown.


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    The Hunt: Historically Black colleges and universities hit with string of bomb threats

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    Featuring TorchStone VP, Scott Stewart

    On this episode of “The Hunt,” Scott Stewart, vice president of Torchstone Global, discusses the threats against historically Black colleges and universities and the possible motives.


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    Expert believes HBCU bomb threats meant to cause disruptions

    Featuring TorchStone VP, Scott Stewart

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The number of violent threats received by schools across the nation, two in Jacksonville, is alarming. The threats this week include a series of bomb threats received by more than a half dozen historically black college and universities.

    An intelligence expert, who specializes in bomb investigations, says the threats received by the HBCUs likely have a different intention than to harm people.


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    Inside a Fathers Desperate Quest to Sue the Juarez Cartel

    Vanity Fair
    Featuring TorchStone VP, Scott Stewart

    Adrian LeBaron’s daughter was one of three women killed with their children in a horrific attack on a caravan of Mormon families in Mexico in 2019. Two years after the murders, and with the help of an American law firm, he’s seeking a novel approach at bringing those responsible to justice. However, Scott Stewart does not agree with Motley Rice, the law firm, on the ability to tie the cartel financially to the killers responsible.


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    La Línea cartel leader No. 1 target on border’s Most Wanted list

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    Featuring TorchStone VP, Scott Stewart

    EL PASO, Texas – The reputed leader of the La Línea drug cartel is target No. 1 on the recently released border’s Most Wanted list, the U.S. Border Patrol has confirmed. Jesus Venzor Salas-Aguayo is wanted by the FBI on charges of conspiracy, possession of 100 kilograms or more marijuana with intent to distribute and operating a continuous criminal enterprise. The Border Patrol says he is also wanted on homicide and weapons charges in the United States.


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    The State of Jihadist Terrorism and the Situation in Afghanistan

    Featuring TorchStone VP, Scott Stewart

    Scott Stewart, Vice President of Intelligence for TorchStone Global, joins SM Highlights host Chuck Harold to discuss the history and current status of two major jihadist terrorist groups—al Qaeda and the Islamic State—and what their shift toward grassroots terrorism means for security professionals. In addition, Stewart explains the current situation in Afghanistan, the Taliban’s aims, and what the latest upheaval in the Middle East may mean for global security and terrorism.


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    Alleged La Línea cartel member linked to mass grave near border

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    Featuring TorchStone VP, Scott Stewart

    EL PASO, Texas – At least 11 bodies have been pulled since late last week from clandestine graves near a Chihuahua state town three hours southwest of Juavrez, a newspaper reported. The graves were found in a farming community near Nuevo Casas Grandes after Mexican federal officials looking into the Nov. 4, 2019, mass murder of nine Americans captured and interrogated an alleged member of La Línea drug cartel, Diario de Juarez reported.