Contract Review

A global corporate client required advanced planning, logistics, security management, executive facilitation, medical contingency, and crisis response for more than 100 executives and guests at Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014. TorchStone was tasked with providing executive protection, secure ground transportation, and event security for the game itself and at dozens of corporate functions at multiple venues including hotels, restaurants, and theaters. The scope of services included:

  • Vetting nearby commercial airports, private aviation operations, and the stadium;
  • Logistics and credentialing with the NFL;
  • Dedicated availability of a 24/7 medical team;
  • Luxury vehicles and security cleared drivers for transport;
  • Protective security posts at key venues;
  • Collaborating with local security and law enforcement; and
  • “Low-Key” threat-based executive protection.

The TorchStone team’s understanding, knowledge, and flexibility produced a seamless response to all logistical challenges, including accommodating multiple last minute airport departure changes due to severe weather, and averting a potential health emergency when our medical team facilitated the urgent prescription needs of a board member’s spouse.