December 2023 TorchStone Global Monthly Executive Protection Report

December 2023 TorchStone Global Monthly Executive Protection Report
January 10, 2024 sdcpm
Executive Protection Report December 2023 - TorchStone Global

December 2023 TorchStone Global Monthly Executive Protection Report

TorchStone Global believes that broader situational awareness and intelligence are key to providing quality executive protection—whether the principal is a Fortune 500 CEO, international celebrity, or local city council member. With that in mind, we are launching our monthly executive protection report, cataloging incidents we have captured through our open-source searches that are relevant to the practice of executive protection. We hope the report will serve as a centralized source of threat activity to provide insight into current trends in threats to high-profile individuals.

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The TorchStone Executive Protection Report tracked 42 domestic and 18 international security incidents or updates to prior incidents impacting high-profile individuals during the month of December. Below are some key incidents of note over the past month.

  • TorchStone tracked 15 swatting incidents that targeted U.S. elected officials and other politically sensitive people from both major political parties over the Christmas and New Year holidays. In addition to 12 current and former federal and state level elected officials, swatting calls also targeted two daughters of U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and progressive political donor, George Soros. Swatting is the act of reporting a hoax violent emergency to the victim’s address in the hopes of attracting an overwhelming police response. Past swatting attacks have resulted in wrongful death cases and misplace much needed law enforcement resources. There were no arrests of the perpetrators as of the first week of January. Tracing swatting calls is notoriously difficult due to call-masking and rerouting services easily available online. Swatting calls and other potentially dangerous hoaxes are likely to continue.
  • TorchStone also tracked several known disputes that escalated in unfortunately predictable ways. In Hawaii, social media influencer Theresa Cachuela was shot and killed by her husband two days after she obtained a restraining order from him. In California, former NFL player T.J. Houshmandzadeh filed for new a restraining order against a who woman resumed harassing him after a 2015 restraining order expired. In Denmark, the two children of a German heiress were kidnapped on New Year’s Eve while with their father, who had been engaged in custody battles with their mother for years. The children remain missing as of Jan 4 and police are investigating whether the father played a role in the abduction. Finally, in Indiana, a man who had threatened and harassed singer Taylor Swift went free on bond after prosecutors decided not to charge him. He has an extensive history of targeting Ms. Swift, who has a restraining order against him. The cases highlight the importance of addressing threats early and adequately. Unfortunately, as demonstrated in the Hawaii case, restraining orders alone are not enough to protect principals from determined individuals.

December 4, 2023: Former NFL player T.J. Houshmandzadeh filed for a temporary civil harassment restraining order against an accused female stalker in Los Angeles. Mr. Houshmandzadeh asserted that the woman altered her surname to match his own and has issued threats targeting his family. The woman has resumed harassing the Houshmandzadeh family after a 2015 restraining order recently expired. Houshmandzadeh also indicated that the alleged stalker has impersonated the mother of his children online, contacted his wife, and sent bullets engraved with each family member’s name.

December 6, 2023: LAPD is actively investigating a burglary at the Hollywood Hills residence of actor Keanu Reeves after receiving an anonymous phone tip reporting a trespasser on his property. Upon immediate response, law enforcement found no intruders. Subsequently, hours later, the alarm system at Mr. Reeves’ residence was triggered. Upon reviewing security camera footage, the police reported that several individuals wearing ski masks had broken windows to gain entry and reportedly stole a firearm.

December 13, 2023: Actress Sofía Vergara obtained a five-year restraining order from L.A. County against an accused male stalker. According to reports, the man allegedly made unwanted visits to her Beverly Hills residence in the last year. The purported stalker has made multiple attempts to approach Ms. Vergara and her adult son, including trespassing into her gated community during the summer when they were on a hiking trip. Additionally, the alleged stalker possesses an extensive criminal history, which includes being arrested for trespassing and vandalism at her residence earlier this year.

December 14, 2023: A Modesto resident was arrested for making threats and stalking Modesto mayor Sue Zwahlen. The man is accused of making threatening and malicious Facebook posts, phone, and email communications directed at Ms. Zwahlen between September 28 and December 14, 2023. The criminal complaint states that the defendant gave Ms. Zwahlen “reason to fear for her own safety or that of her immediate family.” The man is facing four separate counts of threatening death or serious harm to a public official.

December 18, 2023: Two thieves stole thousands of dollars of equipment from the lead singer of the band BoomBox Heroes, Louise Van Veenendaal.  The criminals broke into Ms. Van Veenendaal’s car which was parked in a gated garage at an apartment complex in Hollywood. The thieves stole the singer’s laptop, mixers, monitors, mixing boards and microphones. The two criminals were caught on CCTV footage but were wearing masks and have not been identified thus far. A report has been filed with the Los Angeles Police Department and an investigation is currently ongoing.

December 21, 2023: A Los Angeles resident was arrested and is facing felony charges for threatening to blow up the Los Angeles FBI Field Office. The man began emailing the FBI with various threats in July 2023, repeatedly referencing and comparing himself to the Unabomber.  FBI officers interviewed the man in late November when he admitted to sending the threatening emails but continued to send threatening emails despite being told to stop. The individual also physically approached the Los Angeles FBI Field Office in early December. The man is being charged with making threats by interstate communication.

December 22, 2023: A judge has signed off on a court-ordered restraining order against the man accused of stalking singer Tinashe. The restraining order will be in effect until December 2026. The Los Angeles City Attorney has charged the man with one misdemeanor count of trespassing.

November 8, 2023: Popstar Tinashe filed for a restraining order against a man who had been stalking her in Los Angeles.

December 20, 2023: Police arrested the neighbor of actor Charlie Sheen after she assaulted him at his Los Angeles home. The individual reportedly knocked on Mr. Sheen’s door and once he answered, proceeded to attack him, ripping his shirt, and attempting to strangle him. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department responded to the incident and arrested the individual for assault and burglary. She pleaded not guilty to the felony charges and has a court date set for August 1, 2024. Mr. Sheen is unaware of what may have provoked his neighbor but stated that he has had issues with them in the past, including the vandalization of his car and dumping trash in front of his front door. Mr. Sheen obtained a protective order against the neighbor from L.A. County after the incident.

December 24, 2023: Law enforcement is investigating a Christmas Eve burglary at the Los Angeles residence of actor Kevin Connolly.  LAPD responded to reports of a burglary and reported the intruder made entry by forcing a rear door open. The suspect stole a firearm and other items before fleeing the property. Upon review of the security camera footage, police indicated the burglar is likely a homeless individual and not related to the recent string of luxury home burglaries.

December 30, 2023: Three unidentified persons broke into and attempted to burglarize the Los Angeles home of Instagram model Abigail Ratchford while she was there. According to images, the thieves broke through a rear glass door—a common tactic in the area. However, the break in triggered a security alarm that appears to have scared the intruders off before they could take anything of significance. Ms. Ratchford was reportedly shaken by the incident, but at no point came into contact with the thieves.

December 31, 2023: Police reported a disturbance near Hollywood Blvd and Highland Ave around 3pm following reports of a brawl sparked by reckless driving from a group of bikers. Reports suggest that actor Ian Ziering stepped out of his vehicle following an alleged collision with one of the attackers on a minibike. The assailant and accomplices proceeded to assault Mr. Ziering until he managed to retreat to his vehicle and flee. The LAPD has stated that the investigation is ongoing, with a focus on reviewing surveillance footage.


December 21, 2023: The FBI is investigating a surge in violent threats made against the Colorado Supreme Court justices following their recent ruling to disqualify former President Donald Trump from appearing on the state’s 2024 primary ballot. Local law enforcement officials are working with the FBI to investigate the threats. No suspects have been identified and no arrests have been made in connection with alleged threats.


December 21, 2023: The man accused of physically assaulting and attempted sexual assault of Connecticut State Representative, Maryam Khan, was ordered to undergo a mental competency evaluation. The man had previously been diagnosed with schizophrenia and was placed under intensive monitoring in New York State in 2020. The man is scheduled to return to court in early February following the mental evaluation exam.

June 28, 2023: A New Britain resident was arrested for physically assaulting State Rep. Maryam Khan after attending Eid al-Adha services with her family. The man began making unwanted advances and attempted to prevent Khan from leaving the area and assaulted her, leaving her with minor injuries. The individual is facing charges of assault, unlawful restraint, breach of peace, and interfering with police. The attack prompted a condemnation from the Council on American-Islamic Relations which urged law enforcement “to ensure the safety of the… Muslim community during the ongoing Eid al-Adha celebrations.”


December 17, 2023: A Florida resident has been charged for threatening an employee working for Florida state Rep. John Snyder. The man had requested assistance from the lawmaker’s office to reinstate his driver’s license, but the employee was unable to assist without the proper paperwork. On December 21, the man sent several threatening emails including, “I want my license back & if you try & f— with me again I’m blasting,” and “if you don’t want me gunning down cops or renouncing citizenship then stop f——- with me.” The man is facing charges of issuing a written threat to kill or harm and issuing a written threat of a mass shooting or terrorism.

December 19, 2023: A man in Florida has plead guilty of threatening to kill U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. The man was arrested in August for leaving the threatening voice mail and has remained in custody. A psychologist conducted the man’s evaluation and found him competent to stand trial but noted “fixed delusional beliefs.”  He faces up to 5 years in prison for his offense.

December 26, 2023: U.S. Senator Rick Scott was targeted in a swatting incident while he was at dinner with his wife. An anonymous caller reported a fake emergency at Mr. Scott’s residence in Naples which resulted in a large police response. Mr. Scott disclosed the incident via his X (Twitter) account. Mr. Scott is one of several politicians to be targeted by swatting incidents in late December including Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, New York Rep. Brandon Williams, Boston mayor Michelle Wu, three Georgia state senators, and retired Maine state senator Adam Morfeld.


December 25, 2023: U.S. House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s home in Rome was targeted in a swatting incident. An anonymous New York resident called the suicide hotline claiming that he had shot his girlfriend at Ms. Greene’s address. Local police contacted Ms. Greene’s security team to verify the claims as Ms. Green has been targeted in swatting incidents several times in the past. Police cancelled their response after confirming the claims were false. Ms. Green was one of several state and federal lawmakers to be targeted in swatting incidents in December.

December 25, 2023: Three Georgia state senators were swatted at their homes on Christmas day. State senators Kay Kirkpatrick, Clint Dixon, and Kim Jackson were all targeted by separate prank 911 calls. Senator Dixon was also targeted by a second swatting incident the following day on December 26. No injuries occurred in any of the three swatting incidents. Local police are investigating the fake 911 calls, but no suspects have been named at this time.

December 28, 2023: U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s two daughters were swatted several days after Ms. Greene was targeted in a swatting incident. Police responded to both incidents and determined the reports were false. Ms. Greene announced the attacks via her X/Twitter account but did not provide any additional details.


December 22, 2023: An Instagram influencer in Hawaii, Theresa Cachuela, was shot to death by her husband just two days after obtaining a restraining order against him.  Ms. Cachuela’s husband was later found dead behind a residence in nearby Waipahu in what appeared to be a suicide.  Court records show that a restraining order against Mr. Cachuela was granted just days before the incident due to domestic abuse. Ms. Cachuela claimed that her husband repeatedly ignored her requests to be left alone, threatened to kill himself in front of her, and in one incident, broke into her garage and hid under her car.  Before her murder, Ms. Cachuela had told her family that Mr. Cachuela was tracking her through her phone and a GPS device in her car leaving her family to believe more could’ve been done to prevent her death.


December 31, 2023: Idaho Falls police arrested an 81-year-old man on stalking charges after a local Church of Latter Day Saints leader reported him on church property. The church leader had a civil protection order against the suspect for making past threats. In recent weeks, the suspect had delivered multiple handwritten notes with bible verses referencing death and otherwise harassing the church leader. In the latest incident, a member of the church congregation noticed the suspect enter the church building and hide in the bathroom. He faces a preliminary hearing on January 12 and faces up to 5 years in prison if convicted of first-degree stalking charges.


December 12, 2023: Evansville police arrested a man at the mayor’s office after he became verbally abusive and combative over the impoundment of his vehicle. The accused man has a history of resisting arrest, drug dealing, drug possession, and felony gun possession. The man was arrested inside the civic center and is charged with two counts of intimidation and resisting law enforcement.

December 18, 2023: Prosecutors in LaPorte County dropped charges against a man who allegedly tracked Taylor Swift to her Nashville home and sent her violent messages earlier this year. The man posted a $750 bond to be released from the LaPorte County Jail on Dec 21. Prosecutors have the option to refile the charges later should the man continue harassing Ms. Swift or others.

May 31, 2023: Prosecutors charged a man from Long Beach, Indiana, with stalking, intimidation, misdemeanor invasion of privacy, and misdemeanor harassment. The man allegedly sent violent messages to Taylor Swift from March through May insisting that they be in a relationship and threatening to wear a bomb if he couldn’t “be with” Ms. Swift. Stadium security removed the man from a Taylor Swift concert in Nashville in early May.


December 20, 2023: Actor John Schneider is being investigated by the Secret Service after making comments that called for President Biden and his son’s execution on the social media site X (Twitter).  Schneider responded to a post from the President’s X account saying that the president “should be publicly hung” for being guilty of treason and called for the president’s son to be hung as well, before asking for the president’s response.  A representative for the Secret Service told TMZ they were aware of Schneider’s comments and were investigating.


December 29, 2023: The home of Maine Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows was swatted a day after she deemed former President Donald Trump ineligible for running in the state’s primary election. Ms. Bellows and her family were away from the house at the time of the incident and there were no injuries. This occurred during a general increase in swatting incidents targeting U.S. officials.


December 4, 2023: U.S. Marshals filed a criminal complaint against an inmate who mailed large volumes of handwritten letters threatening a federal judge in Boston from May–July 2023. The letters accused the federal judge of being a pedophile, compared him to dictators Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, and called for the lynching of all judges.

December 25, 2023: Boston Mayor Michelle Wu was “swatted” on Christmas day. An anonymous caller reported to the Boston Police that a violent shooting took place at Ms. Wu’s Roslindale residence. Mayor Wu has not publicly addressed the swatting incident. No injuries occurred as a result of the incident. Boston Police have opened an investigation, but no suspects have been named at this time.


December 04, 2023: Representative Debbie Dingell (D-Mich) has stated that she was personally doxed 3 times (since October 7) because of her stance against the rape of women by Hamas. She declared since the first week of the Hamas attack against Israel people online have been “vicious” towards her stance condemning of rape of any kind. Rep Dingell stated she will not retract her statements and will continue to advocate for women. It is unknown if authorities are investigating the doxing to validate any credible threats.

December 13, 2023: A prison inmate was sentenced to additional time in prison for threatening to kill a judge. The man was convicted of sex crimes in 2016 and threatened to kill the judge, his ex-wife, and kids upon his release from prison. The man sent a letter telling the judge he was going to draw a name at random and kill whose named he picked, and the letter was received a day before his earliest release from his first sentence.


December 6, 2023: A grand jury indicted a man for conveying false information concerning use of an explosive. In February, the man allegedly mailed letters to a Jasper County judge in Joplin claiming that there were pipe bombs placed in the courthouse wired to detonate by cellphone. No explosives were found in the resulting investigation.


December 25, 2023: Former state senator Adam Morfeld’s residence was swatted. An anonymous caller contacted local police claiming to be Morfeld and stated that he had killed his wife and was planning to commit suicide. Mr. Morfeld and his family were not at home at the time of the incident but were able to contact the police and confirm the situation was a hoax. An investigation is ongoing to determine who placed the fake 911 call.

New Hampshire

December 9, 2023: A New Hampshire man was indicted in federal court on charges of threatening to kill three presidential candidates, including Vivek Ramaswamy. According to the provided documentation in the charging, the man sent text messages using language such as, “blow their brains out” and “commit a mass shooting.” If convicted, the man could face upwards on five years in prison and fines up to $250,000 for each charge.

New York

December 2, 2023: Approximately 100 demonstrators protested outside of the Pennsylvania Society gala, an annual gathering of Pennsylvania politicians, lobbyists, and business leaders held in Manhattan. The protesters, mostly Pennsylvanians, targeted the event to voice their concerns with local politicians taking contributions from billionaire Jeffery Yass. Mr. Yass has contributed over $40 million in state and federal political contributions since 2018. Mr. Yass was not in attendance at the event.

December 19, 2023: A non-password protected database was discovered containing the real estate information of millions of people, including celebrities. The New York-based Real Estate Wealth Network was believed to be breached allowing accessible folders with information to property history, motivated sellers, bankruptcy, divorce, tax liens, foreclosure, court judgements, and much more information. These folders also granted information on property owners, sellers, investors, physical address, and phone numbers that could be downloaded. Celebrities like Mark Wahlberg, Kylie Jenner, Britney Spears, Dolly Parton, and Nancy Pelosi were amongst those with PII discovered.

December 26, 2023: New York Representative Brandon Williams was targeted in a Christmas day swatting attack that resulted in multiple police vehicles responding to what turned out was a hoax. The Cayuga County Sheriff’s Department contacted Rep. Williams and confirmed it was a false alarm.

December 26, 2023: U.S. representative Mike Lawler’s Pearl River office was vandalized with stickers showing support for Gaza. The stickers used to deface Mr. Lawler’s office read “Blood on your hands Mike Lawler,” “Resign Mike Lawler,” and “Cease Fire Now,” as well as several stickers with drawn drops of blood. Mr. Lawler has strongly supported Israel since the October 7 Hamas attack.

December 30, 2023: An anonymous caller swatted the residential estate belonging to George Soros. Police officers responded to the scene after an anonymous caller claimed, “shot his wife and threatened to kill himself,” but after speaking with security and searching the scene it was determined to have been a hoax. Mr. Soros is among over a dozen politically sensitive individuals who have been targeted in swatting incidents in recent weeks.


December 26, 2023: Ohio Attorney General, David Yost, and State Representative, Kevin Miller, were both victims of swatting incidents that received responses from local police. The Attorney General was not home during the time of the incident, but Rep. Miller said the incident at his residence put several lives at risk. The police have made no arrests in relation to either incident, but they are believed to be pranks.


December 10, 2023: Two arrests were made in connection to over $100,000 worth of bikes stolen from professional cyclist Lance Armstrong’s storage unit in Austin, Texas. Security footage recorded two men arriving to the unit to load up three bikes and then depart, only to return to the unit to load up three more bikes. With this footage, police were able to identify the vehicle due to a distinct sticker on the back. Both suspects are being charged with third-degree felonies and could face up to 10 years in prison.


December 14, 2023: Virginia State Police are investigating violent threats made against two Lynchburg City Council members and a U.S. Congressman from Virginia. The threats, calling for the execution of the Republican lawmakers, began circulating on social media which is what gained the attention of authorities prompting an investigation. The individual responsible for posting the threats in undergoing a Behavioral Threat Assessment and no charges have been made since.

Washington, District of Columbia

December 14, 2023: In a study done by UMASS Amherst, it was found that families of retired lawmakers have received threats at an increasing frequency. Close to half of retired Congress members revealed that their families were threatened at some point. In addition to members and their families, the survey also showed that 30% of staffers have also received some type of violent threat. The United States Capitol Police conducted over 7,500 threat investigations in 2022 for both parties, which is a 90% increase from 2017. Congress members express their worry as they anticipate further increases in threats leading up to the 2024 election.

December 27, 2023: United States Capitol Police officers arrested a man on the East Front of the Capitol Building carrying a machete and a knife. A USCP officer approached the man exhibiting strange behavior and pacing back and forth. The officer observed a brick and a knife in the man’s back pocket. After calling for backup, a machete handle was observed, prompting the officer to draw his weapon. The man complied with the officer’s orders to put down the weapon and was taken into custody. There are no clear details of the suspect’s motive.


December 3, 2023: While promoting her new film at Comic-Con’s CCXP event in Brazil, actress Florence Pugh was struck in the face by an object thrown from the crowd.  Pugh and her costars had just concluded a speaking at a panel for the film when an unknown object was thrown from the crowd, striking her in her right eye. This incident was the latest in a recent trend of celebrities being targeted with throwing objects while on stage.


December 11, 2023: Chinese singer and entertainer Zhang Xingte was attacked by fans at an airport when he confronted the group of stalker fans and urged them to stop harassing him.  When confronted, the group of fans retaliated by throwing water at Zhang and verbally abusing him, eventually throwing the empty cups at him.  Zhang’s agency reported the incident to the police, leading to three young women being detained for their actions at the airport.  The women had reportedly confronted Zhang previously in a different city.  The police revealed that the women had learned about the star’s travel arrangements from an online fan base and decided to track and film him without his approval. Officials have raised concerns about the adverse effects of such fan behavior on public safety. Qian Peng, a lawyer from Fadedongheng Law Firm, has indicated that the fans’ actions might constitute an infringement on Zhang’s right to reputation.


December 31, 2023: The children of German restaurant heiress, Christina Block, were kidnapped while watching a New Year’s Eve fireworks show with their father in Grasten near the German border. Several masked men knocked over the father at around midnight and forced the two children (aged 13 and 10) into a rental car. The father has been in a custody battle with Ms. Block over the children for several years. Danish and German authorities are investigating the children’s abduction.


December 16, 2023: A gang of 15 men kidnapped British businessman and the UK’s Honorary Consul in Guayaquil, Colin Armstrong. Police reported that the kidnapping gang posed as police and approached Armstrong’s ranch in Los Rios province before abducting him and his Colombian partner. Police have opened an investigation into the abduction. Armstrong is the founder of Agripac, an Ecuadorian agricultural products supply company, and is known to be worth millions of dollars.


December 19, 2023: Paris-Saint-Germain goaltender Alexandre Letellier, his wife, and two young children were victims of a violent home invasion in Yvelines. According to authorities, at approximately 2am, the family’s alarm was triggered, indicating a garden intrusion. The assailants, armed with knives, held the family hostage, demanding money and jewelry. Police arrived promptly and apprehended the four individuals.


December 3, 2023: Sitapur police arrested Krishna Kumar Dubey and his lawyer, Ramkumar Sharma, for issuing a threatening letter to Ram Bilash Singh, a special judge for the Uttar Pradesh state court in Sitapur.  The judge notified the police he received a letter that had issued a threat to his life and was signed by Dubey.  Dubey had been accused in a murder case from 2016 and the trial of the case was ongoing in the court of Judge Singh.  Previously, Dubey on October 31 asked permission from the district judge to transfer the case to a different court or allow him to file a writ in the high court.

December 10, 2023: Chattarpur police arrested a man for emailing death threats to Hindu leader, Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, and demanding a ransom worth the equivalent of USD 12,000. Authorities have linked the suspect to the Lawrence Bishnoi gang, which has been implicated in several high-profile assassinations in recent years in the Punjab region.


December 5, 2023: A man who had sent harassing messages to senator Micheál Carrigy has been sentenced to five months in prison. The perpetrator had sent text messages, left a voicemail, and made social media posts threatening Mr. Carrigy and his family between December 2021 and February 2022. In the threatening voicemail targeting Mr. Carrigy the man said, “Your children will be sterilized and there will be no legacy left from you. You’re a f****** scumbag and you know it.” Mr. Carrigy stated publicly that he does not believe that the prison sentence is long enough to effectively deter others from threatening public officials.


December 31, 2023: Kenyan Olympic athlete Benjamin Kiplagat was found dead with multiple stab wounds to the neck and chest inside his car near Eldoret, a top training center for athletes. Police are actively investigating who may be behind the murder.


December 19, 2023: Malaysian singer Xu Jialing was fatally stabbed by a stalker. The stalker is a self-described fan of the singer who had been targeting Ms. Jialing since 2021. The man reportedly made several unsuccessful attempts to meet Ms. Jialing during that timeframe, until she agreed to meet the man for lunch. Witness statements say nothing about an argument or altercation at the lunch, but Ms. Jialing’s body was found shortly afterwards, stabbed eight times.  The man attempted to drive her body back to his home until he was found by local police, who arrested him.


December 21, 2023: The former chief justice of Pakistan, Saqib Nisar, was targeted in an explosive attack at his Lahore residence. Preliminary reports suggest several people approached the residence on motorcycles and threw hand grenades into Mr. Nisar’s home. Mr. Nisar suffered no injuries in the attack, but two constables and two police officers did sustain minor injuries. No suspects have been publicly identified, but the attackers were captured on CCTV footage and police have opened an investigation into the attack.


December 28, 2023: Gennady Shiryaev, the owner of a large poultry farm in the Voronezh region, survived an attempt on his life. The Russian Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service opened a case against Mr. Shiryaev and his farm because of the high price of eggs just two days before the assassination attempt. Prices of eggs and other food products have risen dramatically in Russia since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, leading to allegations of corruption and price gouging. An investigation has been opened into the attempted killing of Mr. Shiryaev.


December 20, 2023: A man who allegedly took part in a string of robberies targeting celebrity homes in London was arrested in Belgrade for money laundering. The robberies took place in December 2019 when the thieves made away with approximately $33 million in valuables from the homes of Tamara Ecclestone, Frank Lampard, and Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha. The man is believed to have 19 fraudulent identities and is alleged to have committed crimes across Europe. The alleged money laundering offences are believed to be linked to the burglaries in London.

South Korea

December 8, 2023: The trial for a stalker targeting Korean celebrity couple Rain and Kim Tae Hee is underway. The stalker visited the couple’s home in Yongsan-gu and rang the doorbell at least 14 times between 2021 and 2022. The stalker also attempted to contact Rain and Ms. Tae Hee by visiting a hair salon that the couple frequent. A verdict regarding the stalking charges is expected by January 10, 2024.

United Kingdom

December 8, 2023: MP Barry Sheerman publicly disclosed that a man had made a death threat directed at him 18 months ago. Mr. Sheerman stated that the man was previously admitted to a mental hospital but had been released which reignited his concern for his safety. Mr. Sheerman has appealed to the leader of the House of Commons to address security concerns for MP’s who have received death threats.

December 15, 2023: Climate extremist group Just Stop Oil gathered at Labor Leader Sir Keir Starmer’s residence to sing climate change inspired Christmas carols. Just Stop Oil activists claimed they were there to urge Sir Keir Starmer to ban new oil and gas permits. The crowd was dispersed without incident and no arrests have been made.

December 24, 2023: Police are investigating a suspected arson attack at the London office of MP Mike Freer. The London Fire Brigade stated that the fire started in a shed outside of Mr. Freer’s office which spread and damaged lower floors of the building. There was no one present in the building at the start of the fire. Police have not publicly named any suspects or made any arrests in connection with the suspected arson.

December 27, 2023: Manchester City player Jack Grealish’s Cheshire home was burglarized while his partner and family watched his game downstairs. Once the burglars were heard, the family pressed the panic button, but the suspects were still able to get away with £1 million worth of belongings.