May 2024 TorchStone Global Monthly Executive Protection Report

May 2024 TorchStone Global Monthly Executive Protection Report
June 11, 2024 sdcpm
Executive Protection Report May 2024 - TorchStone Global

May 2024 TorchStone Global Monthly Executive Protection Report

TorchStone Global believes that broader situational awareness and intelligence are key to providing quality executive protection—whether the principal is a Fortune 500 CEO, international celebrity, or local city council member. With that in mind, we are launching our monthly executive protection report, cataloging incidents we have captured through our open-source searches that are relevant to the practice of executive protection. We hope the report will serve as a centralized source of threat activity to provide insight into current trends in threats to high-profile individuals.

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The TorchStone Executive Protection Report tracked 31 domestic and 21 international security incidents or updates to prior incidents impacting high-profile individuals during the month of May 2024. Below are some key incidents of note over the past month.

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May EP Report Trends

  • There were at least three more assassinations and attempted assassinations of Mexican political figures in the final month before the country held elections on June 2. While most incidents have targeted candidates in isolated areas, gunmen opened fire on a candidate during a campaign rally in southern Mexico, demonstrating how the rash of violence against politicians in Mexico has become a serious public safety issue, as well. This has been one of the most violent election cycles on record. Attacks against politicians are likely to persist into June but should taper off over the rest of the year.
  • There were five incidents related to pro-Palestine/anti-Israel protest actions targeting high-profile individuals, which is a decline from the 12 incidents recorded in April. An Egyptian militant group claimed responsibility for the murder of an Israeli-Canadian businessman in Alexandria, comedian Jerry Seinfeld faced harassment over his public support for Israel, and a regent for the University of Michigan reported disruptive protest activity outside her home.
  • There were several notable incidents of stalkers targeting celebrities and former politicians. A TikTok influencer reported a man to police who had followed her from California to Florida and incessantly rang her home doorbell. Musician Nikki Sixx has continued to deal with a stalker who this past month violated a restraining order and resisted police arrest. Finally, the family of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin reported that a repeat-offender stalker had violated existing restraining orders against contacting Palin’s daughter online.
Business Executive
Location: Global Tactic: Stalking Venue: Digital/Online

May 7, 2024: At the RSA Conference, cybersecurity firm Mandiant discussed instances where attackers SIM swapped the phones of executives’ children, and then used their numbers to make intimidating demands. This trend signifies a shift towards attacks targeting executives and those close to them rather than organizations in general. The presentation did not cite specific examples of the tactic.

Location: Alexandria, Egypt Tactic: Attack Venue: Public Area

May 7, 2024: Egyptian authorities have launched a criminal investigation into the fatal shooting of an Israeli-Canadian businessman in the city of Alexandria. The victim, identified as the CEO of Egyptian food exporter O.K. Group, had been residing permanently in Egypt, according to the Egyptian Interior Ministry. The incident was claimed by a group called the “Vanguards of Liberation—the Martyr Mohammad Salah group,” has sparked tensions with the group citing retaliatory motives against perceived Israeli actions in Gaza and the seizure of the Palestinian side of the Rafah border crossing. Israel’s foreign ministry confirmed his dual citizenship and stated that the Israeli embassy in Cairo is cooperating with Egyptian authorities.

Location: Los Angeles, CA Tactic: Stalking Venue: Home

May 1, 2024: Police arrested a man on the property of actor Will Smith’s home. Someone saw the man near the home and reported him to the police. The residential security team detained the man after he trespassed on the property and attempted to break into the home. The actor was not at home during the event, no one was injured, and no property was damaged. In 2015 a woman was arrested for trespassing at the same residence.

Location: Quevedo, Ecuador Tactic: Attack Venue: Public Area

May 3, 2024: Two gunmen shot and killed a beauty pageant contestant after she revealed her location at a restaurant by taking a picture of her food and posting it on social media. According to police the woman is suspected of having an affair with a former drug lord who is now deceased. It is suspected that the widow of the drug lord ordered her death, and the post to Instagram, where she had 173,000 followers, gave away her location allowing the two shooters to find her.

Location: Santa Barbara, CA Tactic: Stalking Venue: Home

May 3, 2024: A court sentenced a man to 3 years and 8 months in California state prison after he pleaded guilty to stalking singer Ariana Grande and breaking into her Montecito home. Ms. Grande won a five-year restraining order against Aharon Zebulun Israel Brown after he attempted to break into both her Hollywood home 92 times and threatened her security team with a knife between February – September 2021. He violated that restraining order in June 2022 when he broke into her Montecito home, cutting telephone cables and alarm system wires. Police eventually found Brown hiding in a crawl space in Ms. Grande’s Montecito home. An investigation found that he had sent her multiple Instagram messages expressing intent to harm her.

Location: Oklahoma City, OK Tactic: Stalking Venue: Home

May 4, 2024: A 60-year-old French man was arrested and is being held on a $1 million bond for allegedly stalking Darci Lynne Farmer, the Oklahoma native who gained fame as a teenage ventriloquist on “America’s Got Talent.” Police were called to Farmer’s home after a security guard stopped the man and tried to enter the gated community to see Farmer. The man had previously attended one of Farmer’s performances, approached her, and gave her a gift bag containing chocolates, tickets, earrings, and a handwritten note expressing affection. He later showed up at Farmer’s church and argued with her mother before being detained by off-duty police officers. During questioning he admitted to trying to contact Farmer multiple times, spending $10,000 to obtain her personal information, and wanting a relationship with her. The Farmer family filed a protective order against him.

Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL Tactic: Attack Venue: Other Restricted Area

May 5, 2024: A viral video captured rapper Jim Jones in a brawl that started on an escalator at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. In the footage, Jones is seen flipping a man over an escalator, followed by a continued altercation at the bottom. Law enforcement eventually intervened. Jones claimed he was acting in self-defense, stating the confrontation began on their flight and extended to baggage claim. Despite police involvement, no arrests were made. Jones asserted his innocence, stating he was on vacation, as evidenced by his Instagram posts from Miami.

Location: Chihuahua, Mexico Tactic: Attack Venue: Public Area

May 5, 2024: Tejano and country musician Kevin Amailo Hernandez and his family were the victims of an ambush assassination while the artist was on tour in Chihuahua, Mexico. Hernandez and his wife, Marisela Sandoval, were pronounced dead at the scene while his 17-year-old son died from gunshot wounds after being brought to a hospital. Hernadez’s two other children were critically injured and brought to a hospital. No suspects have been identified in connection with the murders. Other Mexican artists, such as Peso Pluma, have faced threats from drug cartels in the past due to a perceived glorification of rival cartels.

Location: Toronto, Canada Tactic: Attack Venue: Home

May 7, 2024: A shooting outside a Toronto residence belonging to rapper Drake seriously injured a security guard and was just one of multiple suspicious incidents at the residence over the course of the month. Police suspect that an unknown individual opened fire from a passing vehicle before fleeing the scene. CCTV captured images of the vehicle. The shooting occurred amidst a feud between Drake and rapper Kendrick Lamar that led to multiple other online threats.

Location: New York City, NY Tactic: Attack Venue: Public Area

May 8, 2024: Actor Steve Buscemi was randomly assaulted by a homeless man while walking in New York. The man allegedly punched Buscemi and another man, leading to his arrest. This assault is part of a concerning trend of unprovoked attacks in New York City. Buscemi’s publisher has said the actor was treated at a hospital with injuries to his eye but was otherwise okay. Police recognized the man when he attempted to report stolen property, linking him to the attack. The accused man, who is 50 years old, was arraigned and the judge set bail at $50,000. Buscemi joins a list of actors targeted in random NYC street violence, highlighting a concerning trend in the city.

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tactic: Attack Venue: Public Area

May 8, 2024: Malaysian soccer players have been targeted in a series of violent attacks. A national team player suffered severe burns in an acid attack at a shopping mall, while another was assaulted during a robbery outside his home. A former national team captain narrowly escaped harm when assailants threatened him with a hammer and damaged his car. Authorities are investigating possible links between the incidents, noting similarities such as the presence of two attackers and the victims being trailed beforehand. While initial suspects have been detained, investigations continue. Police are exploring connections to a recent letter alleging corruption within the Malaysian soccer federation, although anti-graft authorities have dismissed these claims. As a precaution, players are advised to remain cautious, with suggestions for increased security measures.

Location: Wyoming Tactic: Stalking Venue: Home

May 10, 2024: Nikki Sixx, the bassist of MÖTLEY CRÜE, recently announced on social media that one of his stalkers had been re-arrested for violating a restraining order and resisting arrest. This incident adds to an ongoing struggle, with Sixx and his wife, previously awarded legal fees in a case involving another stalker. Sixx and his family have taken proactive measures to enhance their security, including relocating from Los Angeles to Wyoming in 2020.

Location: Malmo, Sweden Tactic: Harassment Venue: Public Area

May 11, 2024: Pro-Palestinian demonstrators booed and protested Israeli singer Eden Golan at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden. Despite security concerns and protests, she performed and adapted her lyrics to comply with contest rules banning political content. Golan was advised to stay out of sight in Malmo, apart from rehearsals and performances at the Malmo Arena.

Location: Cannes, France Tactic: Attack Venue: Public Area

May 13, 2024: Actress Anya Taylor-Joy faced a persistent fan seeking an autograph during a promotional appearance in France for her new film. Despite her security team’s efforts to keep the fan at bay, he repeatedly attempted to approach her aggressively. The fan put himself directly in front of her path and eventually, started rushing at the actress several times, forcing the security guard to drag him back by the arm. Eventually, she entered an awaiting car, apologizing to fans for the disruption.

Location: Seremban, Malaysia Tactic: Verbal/Written Threat Venue: Digital/Online

May 17, 2024: Police have arrested a man who allegedly made death threats targeting the parents of actor Naim Danie on social media. The suspect was detained for four days, until May 21, 2024, as police questioned the individual and confiscated the mobile phone he used to post the threats. If convicted, the suspect can be fined up to RM50,000 (Approx. $10,600) and imprisoned for up to one year.

Location: Norfolk, VA Tactic: Verbal/Written Threat Venue: Public Area

May 18, 2024: During Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up performance in Norfolk, Virginia, a pro-Palestine heckler disrupted the show by shouting different slogans. Seinfeld engaged with the disruptor humorously before security intervened. The venue expressed disappointment over the disruption, reaffirming its policy to remove disruptors. This disruption is a similar backlash to what Mr. Seinfeld faced during his commencement address at Duke University due to his support for Israel in its conflict with Hamas terrorists.

Location: Malibu, CA Tactic: Other Crime Venue: Public Area

May 19, 2024: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department issued a missing person bulletin for Attilio Brillembourg, a New York resident last seen in Malibu who has ties to the Greek royal family. The sheriff’s department said that there is concern for Mr. Brillembourg’s well-being. He was last seen in Malibu in the early hours of Saturday, May 18. There were no immediate reports of suspected foul play.

Location: Los Angeles, CA Tactic: Robbery Venue: Home

May 22, 2024: Law enforcement responded to reports of a burglary at the residence of NBA athlete Ivica Zubac in the Mar Vista neighborhood around 11:30 pm on May 22. According to police, Mr. Zubac was not present at the time, but witnesses observed three individuals inside the home and via surveillance cameras. Authorities are continuing their investigation, and it remains unclear if anything was taken. In 2021, two individuals were spotted on his property, but they had escaped with a Rolex watch valued at over $20,000 by the time the LAPD arrived.


Location: Palm Coast, FL Tactic: Stalking Venue: Home

May 23, 2024: A TikTok influencer called police after a Washington man followed her from California to Florida and rang the doorbell repeatedly at her home in Florida. The suspect told police that he was pursuing a personal relationship with the influencer and that he had abandoned his station at an Army base in North Carolina to pursue the influencer. The suspect also knew the victim’s last name, even though the victim only uses her first name on social media.

Location: Los Angeles, CA Tactic: Attack Venue: Home

May 23, 2024: Professional makeup artist Allie Shehorn has been stabbed more than 20 times in an attack allegedly carried out by her ex-boyfriend. Ms. Shehorn stated that shortly after she filed a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, he allegedly broke into her Los Angeles home and stabbed her before fleeing the scene. Los Angeles Police have confirmed that the suspect fled the state after the alleged attack, before being arrested in Texas.

Location: Los Angeles, CA Tactic: Attack Venue: Home

May 25, 2024: Actor Johnny Wactor was killed in a shooting when three men attempted to steal the catalytic converter from his car early in the morning on May 25. One of the thieves shot Wactor after the actor confronted a group of men around his car. After the shooting, all three thieves fled in a vehicle. Wactor was transported to a hospital where he died due to the gunshot wound.

Location: Maui, Hawaii Tactic: Verbal/Written Threat Venue: Digital/Online

May 25, 2024: Miss USA winner, Savannah Gankiewicz, has received death threats and hateful messages. Gankiewicz shared the details of her harassment in a video on X saying she has “dealt with a lot of bullying and harassment.”  She will continue to hold the title of Miss USA until August when the next champion will be crowned. Gankiewicz took over the title after former Miss USA Noelia Voigt announced her resignation on May 6, citing her mental health and a toxic work environment at Miss USA.

Location: Margate City, NJ Tactic: Harassment Venue: Public Area

May 25, 2024: A woman confronted former NFL player Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie outside a Margate City, NJ restaurant after the Kelces refused to take a photo with her while the couple was on a date night. The video of the incident went viral on social media showing the woman screaming at the couple telling Kylie that she “will never be allowed in this town again.” The woman later apologized for her actions.

Location: San Francisco, CA Tactic: Verbal/Written Threat Venue: Digital/Online

May 28, 2024: An individual filed a criminal complaint in federal court against Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, claiming that the individual was married to Ms. Swift and accused Mr. Kelce of infringing on their relationship. The complaint included an apparent request for “immediate kill orders.” The individual who filed the criminal complaint is clearly fixated on Ms. Swift and demonstrates signs of mental illness and a tendency toward violence.

Location: Los Angeles, CA Tactic: Verbal/Written Threat Venue: Office

May 30, 2024: Comedian Rhett McLaughlin obtained a temporary restraining order after a man repeatedly made threats of violence against him. McLaughlin claimed the man made 9/11-style threats to bomb his office, specifying the comedian’s physical address. Due to these threats, McLaughlin said he had to hire extra security to keep him and his property safe and requested legal protection for his wife. The comedian said in his filing he was also concerned that if the man making these threats found out that he requested a restraining order that the threats of violence would escalate. The temporary restraining order remains in effect until a formal hearing, scheduled for June 5.

Federal Government
Location: Billings, Montana Tactic: Verbal/Written Threat Venue: Digital/Online

May 1, 2024: A federal court sentenced a Billings man to 30 months in prison for leaving voicemails for U.S. Senator Jon Tester threatening to kill him. Senator Tester’s office received voicemails containing direct threats to the senator and his family saying he would “kill every single one of you (obscenity) family members,” and they would experience a “horrendous death.” Google had also contacted the FBI after he made multiple comments on YouTube videos that were flagged as threatening, those comments included threats to kill the president and how “we are actively hunting down and killing any trans in our major cities.” The defendant pleaded guilty to threats to injure and murder a U.S. Senator. As part of the plea agreement, the judge dismissed a second count that charged the defendant with threats against the President. After completing his 30-month sentence, the individual will be subjected to three years of supervised release.

Location: Ottawa, Canada Tactic: Verbal/Written Threat Venue: Digital/Online

May 1, 2024: Canadian Member of Parliament Pam Damoff stated that she will not seek reelection due to threats made against her. Ms. Damoff publicly said that she has received death threats in connection with her role as a legislator. Ms. Damoff announced her resignation in a letter posted to her personal Facebook page that read, “The threats and misogyny I have experienced as a member of Parliament are such that I often fear going out in public, and that is not a sustainable or healthy way to live.”

Location: Dresden, Germany Tactic: Attack Venue: Public Area

May 3, 2024: European Parliament Member Matthias Ecke suffered serious injuries requiring surgery after sustaining an assault by four men in Dresden. Mr. Ecke was attacked while putting up campaign posters in the Striesen district of Dresden. The assault is currently under investigation by the state criminal police. This attack corresponds with a larger trend of 112 politically motivated crimes registered since the beginning of 2024 in the German state of Saxony. (Dresden is the state capital of Saxony.)

Location: Quantico, VA Tactic: Stalking Venue: Other Restricted Area

May 3, 2024: Two individuals attempted to gain unauthorized access to Quantico Marine Corps Base by impersonating Amazon contractors claiming to have a delivery to Quantico Town’s post office inside the military base. Security denied access to the vehicle and the occupants were detained after officers observed the driver attempting to move past the holding area they were instructed to wait in. The identities of the individuals have not been released at this time. No injuries resulted from this incident.

Location: Washington, D.C. Tactic: Attack Venue: Office

May 4, 2024: A vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed crashed into the exterior perimeter gate at the White House. The driver was pronounced dead after officers arrived on scene to provide aid and the motive remains unclear. The crash did not result in a threat to the White House or the staff. An investigation is being conducted by the Secret Service along with the DC police and fire service.

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine Tactic: Stalking Venue: Office

May 7, 2024: The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) arrested two colonels in its government protection unit in connection with an alleged plot to assassinate President Volodymyr Zelensky. The arrested individuals were allegedly searching for people to participate in the capture and execution of the President. The two individuals have been detained for treason and preparing a terrorist action. President Zelensky fired the head of his personal protection unit, Serhiy Rud, three days after the plot to assassinate the President was revealed.

Location: Jacksonville, FL Tactic: Verbal/Written Threat Venue: Digital/Online

May 9, 2024: A Jacksonville man is facing three charges of threatening to injure after issuing threats directed at President Joe Biden and former presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama. The threats were posted on the individual’s X account between May 4-8, stating, “I’ll kill @potus” and “YOURE DEAD @POTUS.” The individual is believed to be suffering from mental illness. When investigators questioned him, he claimed to be “God” and that his thoughts were “stolen.” The man stated that he would not post additional threats, but he refused to seek mental health help.

Location: Pennsylvania Tactic: Stalking Venue: Digital/Online

May 10, 2024: A Hanover Township man was arrested on stalking charges for repeatedly sending harassing emails to a news reporter and her boyfriend, a local congressional candidate and businessman. The suspect was held without bail after the judge found him to be a danger to society. The 63-year-old suspect had previously worked for the businessman’s company before being let go. Following his termination, the suspect was arrested and convicted of stalking and harassing the businessman. He was still on probation for that case when he sent the harassing emails. The suspect began sending emails containing a “manifesto” to the businessman’s girlfriend, a local news reporter. That email was also sent to other employees at the woman’s news station and a paper copy was dropped off at the Republican Party of Luzerne County’s headquarters, the businessman is the Republican nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 8th Congressional District.

Location: Bogota, Colombia Tactic: Attack Venue: Home

May 14, 2024: The director of one of Colombia’s largest prisons was shot dead near his home in western Bogota. The attack came after at least two prisoners at Bogota’s La Modelo prison threatened its director amidst a general increase in prison-related violence.

Location: Handlová, Slovakia Tactic: Attack Venue: Public Area

May 15, 2024: Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was the victim of an assassination attempt in Handlová, Slovakia that left him severely injured. Mr. Fico was attacked in front of a community center following a government meeting. The assailant shot the prime minister five times before the security team detained him. Mr. Fico was immediately transported to a hospital where he underwent several surgical operations. The attacker stated that he opposed the prime minister’s political positions, namely his opposition to supporting Ukraine.

Location: Washington, D.C. Tactic: Verbal/Written Threat Venue: Other Restricted Area

May 21, 2024: U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was interrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters while delivering his opening statements at hearings on Capitol Hill. Mr. Blinken appeared before both the Senate Foreign Relations and the Senate Appropriations Committee to offer testimony on the Israel-Hamas conflict. Protesters interrupted Mr. Blinken at both committee hearings, calling him a “butcher” and “a war criminal.” Protesters were warned not to disrupt the proceedings on both occasions.

Location: Mexico City, Mexico Tactic: Attack Venue: Other Restricted Area

May 29, 2024: Protesters clashed with police and started small fires near the Israeli Embassy in Mexico City during a pro-Palestine demonstration nearby. The protest was against ongoing Israeli military operations. Protesters attacked the perimeter fence to remove the barricade and used incendiary devices against police causing small fires in the area. Six police officers were injured during the protest action. There were no reports of significant injuries to embassy personnel or damage to the building.

State Government
Location: Jefferson County, CO Tactic: Verbal/Written Threat Venue: Digital/Online

May 3.2024: Republican Party officials in Colorado canceled a fundraiser for South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem due to alleged death threats. The Jefferson County Republican Party said they had received “numerous threats and/or death threats,” against Governor Noem, her staff, and the hotel scheduled to host the venue. There had also been a protest planned outside the hotel during the fundraiser led by Progress Now, a progressive leftist group. The final threat against the event before the cancellation was a voicemail message saying there would be “guns at the protest and people might get hurt.”

Location: Berlin, Germany Tactic: Attack Venue: Public Area

May 7, 2024: Berlin state Senator, Franziska Giffey, was attacked while at a library when the suspect came from behind her to hit her in the head and neck with a bag containing hard objects. The suspect, a 74-year-old man, was arrested on suspicion of hitting her in the head and was subsequently admitted to a psychiatric ward.  The attacker was previously known to authorities over “state security and hate crimes.” Police are investigating the motive of the attack.

Location: Milford, CT Tactic: Verbal/Written Threat Venue: Public Area

May 13, 2024: A Connecticut woman was charged with disorderly conduct after making threatening comments to a state senator while she was working at a Milford, CT restaurant. Connecticut State Senator Herron Gaston was dining at the restaurant when the 48-year-old-woman approached him asking who he was, after identifying himself as a state senator the woman left but returned later and said, “You might be part of the American Government, but I am part of the Mexican Cartel, you better be careful.” Witnesses said the woman seemed upset after Gaston had asked to close the exterior door since it was letting in cold air, forcing the woman to open and close the door as she served the patrons outside.

Location: Sacramento, CA Tactic: Verbal/Written Threat Venue: Office

May 16, 2024: A suspicious package along with a threat it contained anthrax was sent to a building two blocks south of the state capital in Sacramento where the governor and members of the legislature have offices, forcing an evacuation of the building. Authorities tested the substance and confirmed it was not anthrax or a dangerous substance. Although the governor was away, numerous senators and their staff were forced to leave the building as quickly as possible.

Location: Anchorage, AK Tactic: Stalking Venue: Digital/Online

May 18, 2024: Family members of former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, said that a repeat-offender stalker began harassing the family against and violated a protective order previously in place. Anchorage police arrested the man for stalking and harassing the family. The stalker primarily used social media platforms like Instagram to send unwanted messages to Mrs. Palin’s 23-year-old daughter, Piper. The stalker has targeted the Palin family for the past 12 years and served time in jail after breaking into their home in 2019.

Local Government
Location: Atlanta, GA Tactic: Verbal/Written Threat Venue: Digital/Online

May 2, 2024: A California man was indicted by a federal grand jury in Atlanta after sending death threats to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis due to her prosecution of former President Donald Trump. The suspect was charged with transmitting interstate threats to injure the District Attorney. The threats were made in October of 2023 when the suspect posted multiple comments on separate YouTube videos threatening DA Willis with violence and murder including a comment that she “will be killed like a dog.”

Location: Dresden, Germany Tactic: Harassment Venue: Public Area

May 7, 2024: Green party candidate Yvonne Mosler was physically assaulted by two individuals while campaigning in Dresden, Germany. One of the individuals confronted and spat on Ms. Mosler while she hung campaign posters. The assault was politically motivated as the two assailants shouted their support for the right-wing party Alternative for Germany (AfD). Law enforcement officials stated that an investigation had been opened into the attackers for assault, vandalism, and for using unconstitutional slogans.

Location: Mapastepec, Chiapas, Mexico Tactic: Attack Venue: Public Area

May 19, 2024: Mayoral candidate Nicolás Noriega survived an assassination attempt that left him wounded and killed five members of his campaign staff. The Chiapas Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the attack, but no arrests have been made. Cartel-related violence is common in many southern Mexican states such as Chiapas, as rival cartels fight amongst each other for control of the Guatemala border. 134 people have been killed in politically motivated attacks in Mexico so far in 2024, including 24 political candidates.

Location: Rensselaer County, NY Tactic: Verbal/Written Threat Venue: Other Restricted Area

May 20, 2024: An individual has been arrested for issuing a verbal threat towards Rensselaer County Court Judge Jennifer Sober. The individual was in court to witness the sentencing of their son’s killer and was upset at the sentencing decision made by Judge Sober. This prompted the individual to tell Judge Sober to “watch her six,” which caused the judge to fear for her safety. The individual has been charged with making a terrorist threat, harassment, and criminal contempt.

Location: Belo, Cameroon Tactic: Attack Venue: Public Area

May 20, 2024: A local mayor and two others were killed in Cameroon amid the country’s National Day celebrations. The incident occurred in the country’s restive northwest region and was the second ambush in two weeks that targeted government officials. The mayor had been making his way to the National Day celebrations when he was gunned down along a 200-meter stretch between the town council office and the municipal grandstand where celebrations were scheduled to take place. No armed group in the region has claimed responsibility for the attack so far.

Location: Wake County, NC Tactic: Verbal/Written Threat Venue: Digital/Online

May 24, 2024: Authorities arrested a California man on federal charges related to sending threats to individuals and knowingly making false bomb threats. The 62-year-old suspect had made numerous threats, including a bomb threat, against the Wake County (NC) Sherriff’s Office, threatening an elected official, and threatening several synagogues in North Carolina, even telling a rabbi, “I am coming to the Temple to kill all the Jews and the children.” The suspect is charged with illegally using any form of communication to send a threat to harm or kidnap another person intentionally and illegally knowingly making false reports about bombs, convictions on those charges would result in five years in prison on each charge.

Location: Guerrero, Mexico Tactic: Attack Venue: Public Area

May 26, 2024: Mayoral candidate Albino Gómez has been placed under police protection after surviving an assassination attempt that killed his campaign manager Felipe Chávez. Mr. Gómez disappeared after the attack and was believed to have been kidnapped while in hiding. Mr. Gómez is a candidate for the Morena party in the Gurrero state, one of the most dangerous Mexican states for political candidates. Police have opened an investigation into the attack, but no suspects have been identified at this time.

Location: Clarkston, WA Tactic: Verbal/Written Threat Venue: Office

May 29, 2024: A man being held in Asotin County jail for threatening to “shoot up” an elementary school and county fair parade allegedly told another inmate detailed plans about killing the county judge presiding over his case. The suspect also allegedly threatened a county prosecutor who handled his case, a city councilor, and a jail guard. The plans involved targeting their homes, “invading” the courthouse and poisoning their food with fentanyl.

Location: Coyuca de Benítez, Mexico Tactic: Attack Venue: Public Area

May 30, 2024: A gunman shot and killed opposition coalition mayoral candidate, Alfredo Cabrera, during a campaign rally in southern Mexico. The shooting caused panic among the hundreds of people at the rally. Authorities said that police killed the assailant at the scene, shot and injured several others, and detained two.

Community Leader
Location: High Point, NC Tactic: Verbal/Written Threat Venue: Office

May 2, 2024: A North Carolina resident has been arrested and is facing up to five years in prison for mailing a threat to a rabbi. The person mailed a postcard to Rabbi Elizabeth Bahar at the Temple Beth Israel synagogue in Macon, GA which read, “Is there a child rape, torture, and murder tunnel under your house? We have the Zyklon B. Use Code ‘GasTheJews’ for 10% off!” The postcard also contained an antisemitic hand-drawn image depicting a Jewish man in a rat costume and the words, “Jews are rats.” The FBI is handling the investigation.

Location: North Braddock, PA Tactic: Attack Venue: Public Area

May 5, 2024: A man has been arrested for attempting to shoot Rev. Glenn Germany of Jesus’ Dwelling Place Church. The suspect entered the church, drew a gun, and pulled the trigger intending to shoot Rev. Germany but the firearm jammed, and the assailant was tackled to the ground by a member of the congregation. Following the man’s arrest, police discovered the body of a 56-year-old man at the individual’s home. Upon questioning by law enforcement, the man stated, “God told him to do it,” and that he attempted to shoot Rev. Germany “so that he could go to jail and clear his mind.” The individual is facing charges of reckless endangerment and aggravated assault.

Location: Meridian Township, MI Tactic: Harassment Venue: Home

May 15, 2024: Pro-Palestinian demonstrators held a protest outside the home of Sarah Hubbard, chair of the Board of Regents at the University of Michigan. Activists aligned with TAHRIR Coalition, Students Allied for Freedom and Equality, and Jewish Voice for Peace placed body bags and bloodied stuffed animals on Ms. Hubbard’s front porch. The group also set up tents on Ms. Hubbard’s lawn and joined in chants of “Regent Hubbard, you can’t hide, you are funding genocide.” The demonstrators left after the police arrived. No arrests have been announced in connection with the protest activity.