• 1801-case-studies-active-threat

    The Case of The Active Threat

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    After TorchStone presented an active violence workshop for a corporate client, one participant privately informed TorchStone instructors that her ex-husband…

  • Torchstone Case Studies Actionable Intelligence

    Actionable Intelligence

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    A wealthy TorchStone client was participating in a highly publicized speaking engagement at an Ivy League college with over 1,000…

  • investigative research

    To Invest or Not to Invest

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    TorchStone’s client, a large international hedge fund, was considering a substantial investment. As part of the deal, the client was…

  • travel security

    Best Laid (Travel) Plans

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    A wealthy family had planned a once-in-a-lifetime safari trip to Africa. The planning was extensive and detailed, handled primarily by…

  • private jet

    Show Me the Assets!

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    International due diligence, especially asset tracing, often requires the ability to follow leads wherever they take the investigative team…

  • home security

    More Exposure Than Expected

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    Prior to becoming a TorchStone client, a wealthy individual installed an expensive new security system to better protect the family…

  • background check

    The (Not So) Perfect Candidate

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    TorchStone’s client thought they had found the perfect candidate for their open board of directors position…

  • killer resume

    A Killer Resume

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    A prominent Family Office had hired an individual to function in a low level capacity based on a sterling recommendation…

  • multinational corporation

    Security for the Investigators?

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    TorchStone’s client, a global compliance consulting firm, had been hired to conduct an in-depth audit of the subsidiary of their…

  • security briefcase

    A True Security Brief

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    A TorchStone client has his briefcase stolen while traveling to attend a conference. Of greatest concern to the client was…