• Security Executive Council Approves TorchStone Global, LLC As A Solution Innovation Partner


    The Security Executive Council is pleased to announce the addition of TorchStone Global LLC to its growing Solution Innovation Partners (SIP) program. Bob Hayes, Managing Director of the Security Executive Council, said, “By selecting TorchStone as a Solution Innovation Partner, we recognize their differentiated security capabilities. TorchStone has stepped up to the challenge of providing solutions with real value.”

  • Forbes: How Billionaires Avoid Kidnapping, Disasters, And Other Threats

    billionaire security
    TorchStone Profiled in Forbes

    Having a billion dollars sounds like great, doesn’t it? But with all that money comes a whole new set of problems. A fortune buys you not only mansions, private jets and custom cars but a list of threats like assault, kidnapping, blackmail and burglary.

  • Profile: The Changing Face Of Personal Security Services

    personal security

    A recent study by Rothstein Kass highlighted the increasing use of personal security services among single-family offices. A number of factors are contributing to this, including a culture of freely available information through the internet, civil unrest and political uncertainty, according to Frank Rodman, president of the security advisory firm TorchStone Global.