• POLITICO: Secret Service Faces Massive Bill for Protecting Trump

    Trump Secret Service Costs
    Featuring TorchStone Board Member, Bill Pickle

    Protecting Donald Trump and his family will involve unprecedented costs for taxpayers. But federal and New York City officials are dismissing speculation about sky-scraping expenses. The Secret Service renting a floor or two of Trump Tower for as much as $3 million a year? Not happening, the agency says. New York City paying a million dollars a day to protect the first family? “Inaccurate and unconfirmed,” said a spokesman for Mayor Bill De Blasio.



  • TorchStone Acquires U.S. Safety and Security

    u-s-safety-and-security logo2

    TorchStone Global, LLC is pleased to announce its acquisition of U.S. Safety and Security, a leader in executive protection, intelligence and investigations. The move comes at a time of record growth for TorchStone, and further expands its global protection capabilities, its international sports and event security practice, and its high profile/high net worth family consulting.



  • Employing Corporate Security Best Practices to Protect Wealthy Families

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    The sophisticated techniques corporations use to protect their interests and keep their employees safe can be applied to the unique vulnerabilities facing families of great wealth, but only if approached and implemented with similar proactive consistency. For the overall health and stability of the company, the best practices of corporate security should be applied to the personal security posture of the c-suite executive, the wealthy and/or high profile founder, and the outspoken board member.



  • The LPGA Tour Goes To Great Lengths To Keep Us Safe

    LPGA Tour Security

    The LPGA Tour does a fantastic job of making us feel safe. If a fan says or does something that makes me feel threatened or uncomfortable, some teeny provocation, I notify an official and it’s handled right away. Our security team is amazing. One guy headed the detail on two presidential-election campaigns.



  • TorchStone Adds Administrative Director to Support Rapid Growth

    Conference room with city skyline

    TorchStone Global, LLC, has hired security industry veteran Maja Roberts to serve in the newly created position of Director of Administration. Ms. Roberts has an extensive background in developing systems and processes to support operations, as well as managing the full business development life cycle in the security industry.


  • TorchStone Adds Clinical Psychologist to Enhance Client Safety

    clinical psychologist

    TorchStone Global, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Malique Carr (CA PSY25110) to its team. Dr. Carr will serve in the role of Protective Intelligence Analyst and will enhance TorchStone client safety by providing a psychological perspective to our threat investigations.


  • The Argument for Holistic Cybersecurity

    holistic cybersecurity

    As you may have read, there is growing acceptance that technology alone cannot address the myriad cyber threats that confront organizations.

    This realization is driven by the growth of several complementary issues: the number and scope of cyber attacks, the widening range of victims, the use of social engineering and the empowered role of the insider.


  • An Insider’s Look at Personal Security


    Frank Rodman has spent his career protecting diplomats, CEOs and billionaires. Think Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, Michael Dell, Madeleine Albright. Not to mention the many others who work hard to keep their names out of the headlines.

  • TorchStone adds Olympics Manager; Extends Reach to South America

    rio de janeiro olympics

    TorchStone, a consulting firm specializing in strategic security solutions for multinational corporations, high profile individuals, and high net worth families, is pleased to announce the addition of Lance Root as Olympics Program Manager. Mr. Root recently retired after a 26-year career as a Supervisory Special Agent in the Diplomatic Security Service of the U.S. Department of State.

  • Forbes: How Billionaires Avoid Kidnapping, Disasters, And Other Threats

    billionaire security
    TorchStone Profiled in Forbes

    Having a billion dollars sounds like great, doesn’t it? But with all that money comes a whole new set of problems. A fortune buys you not only mansions, private jets and custom cars but a list of threats like assault, kidnapping, blackmail and burglary.