• POLITICO: Mar-a-Lago can’t release visitor logs — because it doesn’t keep them

    Security Event
    Featuring TorchStone Board Member, Bill Pickle

    Democrats just came up with a catchy-sounding bill to force President Donald Trump to cough up a list of visitors to his private clubs.  But there’s just one problem: There are no lists yet.  On Friday night, guests streamed into Mar-a-Lago, the president’s self-proclaimed “southern White House,” for the annual Palm Beach GOP Lincoln Day Dinner.



  • TorchStone Wins Private Asset Management’s 2017 Security Award

    TorchStone Wins Private Asset Management’s 2017 Security Award

    TorchStone Global, a best-in-class risk management and security firm with expertise in family and corporate safety, is pleased to announce that it earned top security honors from Private Asset Management during their annual awards gala recently held in New York City.



  • Golfweek: Social Risks for LPGA Players

    Golfweek — Social Risk: LPGA Deals With Threats
    Featuring TorchStone SVP, Joe Funk

    Morgan Pressel thought she’d be fine. But while waiting to enter a Palm Beach County court room where she’d face Alexander Berger, a man who had harassed and threatened her on Twitter and twice tried to break into her guarded Boca Raton, Fla., community, Pressel lost it.



  • Here’s a Look at What Goes into Protecting the President on Inauguration Day

    Here's a Look at What Goes Into Protecting The President on Inauguration Day
    Featuring TorchStone SVP, Joe Funk

    Keeping a president out of harm’s way is a monumental task. The upcoming inauguration for president-elect Donald Trump will pose unique challenges for the Secret Service. The parade route Trump’s motorcade will follow after the swearing-in ceremony stretches 15 city blocks from the U.S. Capitol to the White House.



  • POLITICO: Trump Private Security Force ‘Playing With Fire’

    Trump Private Security force ‘Playing With Fire’
    Featuring TorchStone SVP, Joe Funk

    President-elect Donald Trump has continued employing a private security and intelligence team at his victory rallies, and he is expected to keep at least some members of the team after he becomes president, according to people familiar with the plans.



  • Expert: Trump’s Personal Security Doesn’t Compare to Secret Service

    Trump Personal Security
    Featuring TorchStone SVP, Joe Funk

    It’s pretty much a given now: Donald Trump is not approaching the presidency in a traditional manner. He’s rejected daily security briefings that are standard at the White House. It’s not clear, even, if he will be staying at the White House since he seems to prefer working from his office in New York.



  • POLITICO: Secret Service Faces Massive Bill for Protecting Trump

    Trump Secret Service Costs
    Featuring TorchStone Board Member, Bill Pickle

    Protecting Donald Trump and his family will involve unprecedented costs for taxpayers. But federal and New York City officials are dismissing speculation about sky-scraping expenses. The Secret Service renting a floor or two of Trump Tower for as much as $3 million a year? Not happening, the agency says. New York City paying a million dollars a day to protect the first family? “Inaccurate and unconfirmed,” said a spokesman for Mayor Bill De Blasio.



  • TorchStone Acquires U.S. Safety and Security

    u-s-safety-and-security logo2

    TorchStone Global, LLC is pleased to announce its acquisition of U.S. Safety and Security, a leader in executive protection, intelligence and investigations. The move comes at a time of record growth for TorchStone, and further expands its global protection capabilities, its international sports and event security practice, and its high profile/high net worth family consulting.



  • The LPGA Tour Goes To Great Lengths To Keep Us Safe

    LPGA Tour Security

    The LPGA Tour does a fantastic job of making us feel safe. If a fan says or does something that makes me feel threatened or uncomfortable, some teeny provocation, I notify an official and it’s handled right away. Our security team is amazing. One guy headed the detail on two presidential-election campaigns.



  • Former Secret Service directors hired by Mayor Starr and City Council to protect schools

    City Council to protect schools

    The program began taking shape when, just hours after the horrific massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Mayor Starr began gathering information and making phone calls to his chief of police and safety director in an effort to develop a program to protect children in Middleburg Heights Schools.

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